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AHRsons E-Way Bill Service

Registered person moving the goods out of the State Border of Kerala had to submit the online declaration known as ‘e-consignment’ in Form 8F starting 01-12-2011. Before goods could reach the Kerala State Border Check Posts, this declaration had to be submitted online and a token number was issued for it.

There was a specified list of commodities for which e-Consignments were mandatory.
The ‘e-consignment’ consisted of two parts. First Part covered details like Vehicle number, expected check post and the expected date of arrival at such check post. Second Part contained the transaction details of the consignment of goods. There was also an option to add any number of Invoices/bills/challans to each of such e-consignment.

In case the consignment reached a check post other than the specified expected check post or if the vehicle was changed during the course of the transport, the driver intimated the same to the check post authorities. In such situations, the check post authorities updated the token details and allowed the consignment to move.

Verification of the e-consignment token happened at the designated Check posts by an official. If no irregularities were noticed, the carrier was allowed to pass through.


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